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To help adults and children understand psychology.

Grandma's Wisdom

Vol. I

Now In Hardcover And Ebook

Short short stories for all ages.

Once you pick it up it is hard to put it down.

To Order $2.00 Ebook click here:


To Order a hard copy at Amazon, click here for current price.

Wonderful for teaching children concepts

Short and to the point

Kid like illustrations that children can identify with and help the follow along with the concepts

Check out the

Table of Contents

Designed to help children think about and deal with difficult concepts of hope, self esteem, sadness and what is important in life

Stories for boys, girls, and adults

Other volumes are to come, collect them all

My Grand- children love these stories and ask me to read them over and over

Find out how

the child can

bring back

Benny and overcome his shyness. 

To Order $2.00 Ebook click here:

To Order hard copy at Amazon, click here



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