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To help adults and children understand psychology.



I Was Given a Teaching Job, Unbelivable.

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 6:45 PM


I always wondered why some people get all the good luck and others none. Well, I was given the good luck of a part time teaching assistant for the Counseling Psychology program. They were impressed with my research. And it went really really well. I enjoyed teaching the class. All my counseling classes were easy as I had had a very good masters program, better then their Ph.D program. So I took additional classes in developing psychological tests and in ethnography. I was in seventh heaven. I was even asked to teach an additional class in how to study. Me? I had taken the class in the BA program, and now I was going to teach it. 


This is when the politics began. That was a trip. I was scheduled to teach the study class to women from the YWCA. It was to start the next day. I heard yelling down the hall, had no idea what it was. So I did not respond as an official was taking care of a group of angry women. The next day there was a grievance against me and I lost the position to teach psychology. I asked what the grievance was and they told me that the YWCA had the wrong date for the class and a group of women had came to find the class was not until the next day. They had accused the department of harassment and false information as an act of discrimination against women. I had been accused by someone for inciting and setting up the chaos.


That was a shock to me. I had never been to the YWCA, I did not even know who these women were. Yet someone said I planned the whole thing for some unknown motive. I was no longer trusted in the department and they suggested I leave the program. This was unbelievable. I asked where the rumor of my guilt had came from. I was told by a particular teacher that I should not even try to find out who or why. That it was just better if I left the program.


No way, no way was I going to give up and leave. It had taken so much for me to get there, I was not going to just walk away. I had to figure out how to find out what happened and what to do next. It was a familiar feeling of helplessness, of incomprehensible events. Nothing new for me. I had to do something, I just did not know what. but I would start. Politics, I had to untangle politics.

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