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To help adults and children understand psychology.



Third and Last Part of Beliefs

Posted on July 24, 2013 at 12:10 PM



Beliefs need to use all of our altruistic instincts for group survival. If our group is handicapped so are we. WWII was a very handicapping experience and took the lives of around sixty million people. The group handicapped them to death. People had seen the death and destruction from WWI and felt trapped in the treaties that resulted. The treaties handicapped the economic and future of Germany. They felt they had to fight back to regain their land. They also were at their emotional wits end. This put many people into Lower Nature Thinking, thinking for survival. They seen the destruction from WWI, felt desperation and anger, and a belief system began to develop from the Lower Nature , a raciest system of thinking, that would justify to them where they were going. What followed was an aggressive solution. They began to listen to people like Hitler and his crew and follow. What followed was the death of near sixty million people, countless animals, and, well, no one may care about the gazillion insects, but they had a holiday eating what little food humans had left. Farming collapsed starving millions of people. 


Being a Servant of others, putting ourselves in their shoes, monitoring their reactions so we can help them to also be altruistic and a servant to you too. That is the spirit of building a society, a culture, and cities and nations. We need to stay in our Upper Natures and share what we perceive know, share emotional bonding, share a workable belief systems, and work together to build a society f or a long healthy life. Life is learning how to stay in our Upper Natures and smoothing the way for self and others to build great things that help the 'group' survive and enjoy life. When we are in our Upper Natures we are not handicapped, only faster or slower then others but on the right track. 

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