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To help adults and children understand psychology.



Step Three, We Must Believe

Posted on July 4, 2013 at 10:45 AM


The third step of the brain is to take what has been perceived, what has been feared and desired and make a plan to avoid or approach the impending situation. It takes a lot of knowledge of the environment, tactics, and possible outcomes to make a plan that will work smoothly and yield results we want.


There are different ways to organize our knowledge. We may use scientific thinking which works well with concrete details. But for emotions it is harder. We tend to use religions to help us figure out what to do. Religions tend to be time proven solutions that work well. They teach us to control our fears and love our neighbors. That puts our brains in a position to relax more and think clearer then panic and chaos offer.


Beliefs need to address all four stages of the brain: Perception, Emotions, Beliefs, and Actions. Zen Buddhism helps us perceive better, Christianity helps us with fears and love, Philosophy helps us sort out our beliefs, and Islam helps us with humility and patience, Christianity helps with what to do in certain situations. Judaism offers a way of life from how to eat and conduct daily life. Their traditions have developed over thousands of years of being persecuted and surviving.


Some people feel we should discard these ancient beliefs. That would be a mistake. Not only are they a wealth of history they speak to the human brain. They were developed by people for people and give people a framework to live by. What would we replace them with? Science can not address everything. Belief systems are part of us humans. We have popular beliefs, urban myths, Hollywood stories, Disney Land and Micky Mouse. Then there are the beliefs spread by advertisements that set us up to believe we need to buy their products. How many of these products clutter our homes. We almost worship some of them. Some steal and kill for them.


When all four stages of the brain work well we are less handicapped. When one or more stages are neglected we are handicapped.

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