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To help adults and children understand psychology.



Handicaps of Schools and Agencies

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 10:15 PM


Public schools have a real handicap that is severe in the crime neighborhoods. As I said before, the teachers can not mix with the community. If they do they can loose their influence in the classroom because their reputation can go sour. But the non teacher personnel belong to the community. When they get into positions that affect students they can influence the students in a positive or negative way. If it is a well educated community they can be a real asset and help students learn to respect the teachers. But if it is a community with a personality problem that results in too much crime, they can influence the students to be negative towards the teachers, especially if the students are operating somewhat in their lower nature also.


Counseling agencies can have the same problem. The counselors can not mix with the community without being on guard. Other agencies, such as Child Protective Services (CPS) that remove children from the homes, can be very hard on counselors if they mingle with clients and disagree with what CPS is doing. They will accuse the clients of fraternizing and being too loyal and immeshed in the community and so too biased to be trusted and the courts intern will loose trust. But the non counselor personnel can influence the clients and community and their view of the counseling agency. It is very important that the different groups within an organization have meetings and events in which the different groups can communicate properly and get on the same page and give the power back to the professionals that have been trained to help. Also, it helps the teachers and counselors understand the community better and so better know how to help their students and clients. Without such knowledge, crime goes on undetected and unchallenged, in fact, they may flourish better because students and clients loose faith in schools and counseling agencies.

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