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To help adults and children understand psychology.



We Can Not Predict the Future Only Build It

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 10:50 PM


I studied my lists intensely and was ready for the four days of testing. The night before I was to leave and travel 300 miles to take them my second son had friends over and they would not quiet down. We can not always control other peoples teenagers. I did not get much sleep.


I headed out the next morning early, I was sleepy. I had driven about 200 miles and I almost feel asleep at the wheel. I looked up and the landscape was a blur. I could tell nothing. Something in my mind told me to swerve to the left and then to the right. I was expecting to go over a cliff and turn upside down and was waiting for the large boulders to dent in the ceiling of the car. What boulders? When the car came to a stop I was surprised the road fences were so strong. What fence? I had seen nothing but a blur.


I jumped out of the car and sure enough there was the fence and looking over I seen the boulders. There was water down below. I knew that we see more then we are conscious of, I knew from the experiment in a psychology class. So I went over where the car has swerved to the left. Sure enough the water could not be seen from there. I seen where I swerved to the right, if I had not I would of hit a cliff. The finder was torn off the front of the car and the car was all dented on the side, it was definitely totaled.


I called a friend to come and pick me up. She took me to her apt and left for a weeks vacation. She and I both thought I was ok. In the night I was really sick and sick all night into the morning, I lost a lot of fluid. The next morning I was very weak, I could hardly move. I found one of her girl's bikes and peddled a few miles to the town and a doctor told me to take electrolytes. I bought them and drank them in the store and I began to feel better within a few minutes.


The next day I went to the testing. My lists had been approved and I began the tests. All went fine for an hour or two. Then the headache began. I had a concussion. I kept going until it was had to see, my writing had deteriorated until it was impossible to read. It was scribble. The headache was too great, the pain excruciating. I had to quit. I took my papers to my advisor and told him the situation. He put them in an envelope and said not to worry that I could sign up again to take the prelims again. What a bummer. All that time and effort down the drain, and no car. It is bad enough to be handicapped, but to have set backs to is extra discouraging, what next, why me.

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