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To help adults and children understand psychology.



Finally, the Truth Comes Forward, Answers

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 2:15 PM


Then the answers began to come. The math teacher said she thought I was unsociable because I did not go to the Tavern with the others. From there she had assumed I did not go because I was unsociable. That is where the other student, that lied about me, had found a weak spot in the teacher's thinking to plant the lie that I had tormented the YWCA student for the fun of it. There was no way I could of seen it coming or avoided it. 


The math teacher thanked me for being a student and apologized for her misperceptions, she said she had been detriment to my success and had only hurt me. So she removed herself from my committee. It was a relief. She was a perfectionist and outside of math I could not meet her expectations. You could say we were incompatible because of my disabilities and her need for correctness as all times. It was a paradox that my life was actually in better shape then hers, as I found out later. She did not realize that a student who was a mother of three little boys did not even have time to go to taverns. Now she also realized that I could not hear in a Tavern as it was too noisy. I respected her for removing herself from my committee. All was well that ended well. 


All went well, that is until the final exams of the whole program, the prelims, the four days of testing everything you had learned. I went into a blank room with a page of questions to answer in a four hour period for four straight days. My recall memory was minimal and there was nothing to jog my recognition memory. I knew the concepts and could talk about them, but the questions demanded details. In real life there are many reference books, situations, and conversations that jog our memory. In a blank silent room there is nothing. I did my best and waited for the results. 

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