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To help adults and children understand psychology.



A Break, A Fluke, It Wouldn't Last But It Was Worth A Try

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 11:55 AM


I couldn't believe it and perhaps shouldn't have. The department was offering a fellowship to go to graduate school. I immediately jumped on it. I applied to graduate school and for the fellowship. I could not believe it, I was accepted for both.


Months before this (both my Grandparents had passed years before). My paternal aunt offered me the opportunity to buy my paternal Grandmothers house. There was no way I could but my mother purchased it outright after  the banks denied her a loan. What a relief to be in a real house. I had applied to be a police woman. I had passed all the tests and was ready to go to the academy when a relative hid my acceptance letter feeling it was in my best interest. I had applied to be bus driver and was waiting to come up on the list. But to go to graduate school took precedence over any other plans. I packed up my kids and away we went. 


Little did I know the state department would withdraw on the fellowship at the very last moment. Me and my kids arrived at the University penniless and homeless with no doors open. I was told all had been withdrawn. What a last blow by the department. What was I now to do, my house was rented out and all had come to an end. 'Never give up,' went through my mind. What next.

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